Why On-Demand

Why On-Demand

Nowadays, companies need flexible technology solutions with low upfront costs, reduced risks, and higher probabilities of project success. In response to this need, we developed our solution to be "Software as a Service" that is hosted in a centralized data center and delivered on a subscription basis to clients using a web-based interface. This on-demand delivery model provides clients with a cost-effective, yet sophisticated, configurable, and highly-scalable solution to address their billing and customer management needs.

Addressing the High Cost and Risk of Traditional Software
Emerging and rapidly growing companies don't have the time or resources to support legacy software applications that require extensive implementation, intensive maintenance, and high fees. By delivering GatherSpace on-demand, the burden and risk of technology decisions are shifted away from the client and are shared by GatherSpace systems.

Conserve your internal IT resources as GatherSpace's Requirements Management solution is remotely delivered and managed and does not require you to install any hardware or software. Reduce the initial costs and risks of technology purchases by only paying for the functionality you need when you need it. Accelerate time-to-market with implementations that can be complete in days to weeks vs. months to years for traditional RM solutions.

Costly license fees and IT resources are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to traditional software. Gain a complete perspective on the potential costs and risks by factoring in those that lay below the surface as well.

Share Your Security and Compliance Burdens
On-demand delivery allows you to outsource your company's security to GatherSpace Systems. GatherSpace's Requirements Management solution has been developed with a powerful account security and encryption process that includes preventing, detecting, and reacting to security breaches. All of which means that you and your users can rest assured that your requirements information will be protected.


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