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Benefits of Requirements Management

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Gatherspace provides the industry's top Cloud Requirements Management solution. The Cloud (SaaS) model ensures a high value return on your Requirements Management investment. Today's leading companies are trading in their unused shelfware for high-value Software-as-a-Service. Here's why:

SaaS Reduces SaaS Increases

Excessive Upfront Expenses
Maintenance Costs
Deployment Times
Training Costs

Time to Value
Team Collaboration
Solution Adoption Rate
Support Services
Customer Satisfaction

Affordability of Requirements Management using Gatherspace

One of the driving factors to create Gatherspace was the "sticker shock" we (and YOU) have shared from the cost of using an industry standard package such as Requisite Pro or Calibur RM. To license a full team of customers and developers, not to mention hardware aquisition could reach into the price range of $40,000 - $75,000 and up. You'd have to be an online casino jackpot winner to be able to afford these astronomical prices. However, with Gatherspace you could get by on a lot less.

Gatherspace, not only is far more simple to use, provides a price range to customers where you can provision your entire team for less than $900. You have read correctly -- that price includes all of your users, setup, customer service and even customizations to ensure your system works the way you want it to. We even guarantee this price or we will meet that price.

Simplicity of Requirements Management using Gatherspace

Another typical complaint of the industry-standard requirements management tools is the difficulty and complexity of these solutions and the need for classes and training to get your team using it properly. We have designed the Gatherspace requirements management tool to be simple enough and intuitive enough so you can be productive from the start -- no classes or training required.

Increase in Accuracy of Requirements

Gatherspace significantly increases the level of accuracy between customer requirements and system delivery. It provides an easy to adopt, intuitive way of capturing and managing customer requirements in a format which can be understood by any user. The customer involvement that this enables, combined with the depth of definition, allows requirements capture to be accurate and provides a solid baseline from which change management can be controlled.

Report Generation

One of the main advantages of Gatherspace is the creation of rich and useful requirements management reports. Gatherspace enables HTML and Adobe PDF reports to be generated, which are automatically linked as files to the requirements specification. There are different useful reports including a use case model, traceability reports, feature, software requirement and use case reports.

Perfect for the Disparate Team

By providing a hosted on-demand requirements tool, customers who have disparate teams realize an enormous benefit. When the user base is in one location, developers and QA in separate locations, it becomes critical to have a tool that centralizes and secures the requirements for team sharing. does this where most other tools fail.

Communication Bridge between Business and Technical

Because the approach is based on mapping processes using natural language, business processes can be taken and mapped directly to system requirements, creating a single definition of the objectives of the system. By maintaining a link from the requirement to the code, Gatherspace acts as a bridge between the business and technical people involved in a project.

Use Case Development

Use Cases are a critical part of the requirements management process which is why Gatherspace has created a utility for building and linking use cases. We have provided use case examples, dynamic and flexible reports, and a very elegant way of gathering, managing and sharing this information.

Leading to increase in quality, decrease in cost and time of development and measurable return on investment.

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