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The GatherSpace Product Presentations are designed and developed to show you the highlights and strengths of the GatherSpace product offering. Engaging, interactive Flash authoring allows you to get a first-hand look at the benefits, features, and advantages that our product offers to our customers.

Please choose fromt the two presentations below to get an inside look at the compelling advantages to using GatherSpace for your requirements management solution.

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Browse Business Requirements and Associated Data
Gatherspace provides the ability to browse your business requirements and all associated requirements including software requirements and use cases. You can easily create filters to sort through large volumes of requirement data within seconds.

Browse Software Requirements
Similar to the business requirements browse screen, your engineers and QA team will have access to the software specifications with it's own set of filters and associations to use cases and trouble tickets.

Use Case View
Just because we support Agile doesn't mean we won't support use cases. On the contrary, we have made our use case functionality even more powerful that allows you to create basic and alternate flows which are mapped to business and software requriements.

Use Case Actor Support
In addition to our support of use cases, we provide support for defining use case actors which are associated with all of your use cases. You can create use case reports which use your use case actors as the central node.

Requirements Management Reporting
Reporting on your requirements and use cases is critical, so we have provided the top requirements reports that you will need to communicate effectively with all levels of your project team.

Business Requirements Report
You can generate a Product Requirements Document (PRD) or create a tabular Business Requirements report using any of your project filters from status through iteration.

Use Case Detail Report
From the Reports tab you can product a Use Case Summary report of all of your use cases. You can also generate a specific use case detail report while working with your use case.

Graphical Use Case View
Using flash technology, you can create an interactive use case map allowing you to drill-down from your actors into specific use case requirements.

User Management
Sharing requirements with your full project team is critical, so you can manage your users and allow certain rights and user levels.

Manage Multiple Projects
Gatherspace is about allowing your project team to manage an unlimited amount of projects so you can toggle between your projects and separate functionality as appropriate.

Traceability Reporting
With backwards and forwards traceability, you can always audit your features, requirements and use cases to confirm that they link appropriately to other project elements.

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