Cloud Requirements Management Solution

Cloud Requirements Management Solution

GatherSpace™ is an intuitive Cloud based requirements management solution that promotes collaboration between business and technical teams in managing changing requirements throughout the software development and product lifecycles.

There's no installation, no training and no capital expenses necessary, you simply start your account and start defining your product.

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Key Features and Benefits

» Requirements Hierarchy - Create functional package groups, and then associate high level features. Then associate more detailed use cases, issues and software requirements to those features.

» Agile Software Development - As the Agile methodology and concepts continue to mature, our product will continue to incorporate these into GatherSpace™ such as maintaining product backlogs, feature ranking and parking lot diagrams.

» Unlimited Projects - You have the ability to manage as many projects and products as you need, completely segregating requirements and allowing specified users to see certain projects.

» Stunning Reporting - View your reports in HTML, PDF and Microsoft Word (upcoming) formats. Reports will provide use case models, use case reports and requirements hierarchy reports.

» Data Security - Data Security and protection is vital to all of our customers. For this reason, we provide daily redundant backups, full 128 data encryption, and you have the ability to download your data as often as you need.

» 30 Day Trial - Before purchasing, you can elect to try our software for 30 days with access to the above features as well as our comprehensive feature list.

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