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"One of our hurdles was organizing our requirements and then to make matters worse, our budget couldn't provide for an industry-wide tool. The amazing thing about Gatherspace is what you get for the price. This tool keeps our developers and our customers in synch."
-Paul Odom, Simon Chan, Senior Development Manager

"I am so glad I found this site. We design a lot of software and have never had a good tool for managing the requirements. I had to depend on Excel, Word and Project and it was very time consuming and difficult to keep it all straight. Gatherspace provides an excellent place to brainstorm and develop your projects into something meaningful that can be presented to clients or used to get programming quotes. Customer service is very responsive and Gatherspace has been willing to customize the site to the users' needs."
-Paula F. Turner, CPA, HSV Consulting Group

"Gatherspace is one of the single most useful Web application we have used and it has absolutely changed the way we structure our projects. Gone are the days of passing feature-lists through emails."
-Mark Reitman, Eagle River Interactive

"We've just started using it, and the reaction from our senior management was astonishing. We never thought they'd start using a web-application for requirements but once they got a taste of it, they didn't look back."
-John Denhill, Product Manager Toyota Project

"GatherSpace has already been pivital to getting our requirements solid. We planned to see a difference but not that soon. Our developers caught on really quick and enjoy working with the product."
-Ryan Lee, Senior Development Manager, Helio

"We really love the design and somehow your servers are so snappy and responsive."
-Liv Kramer, LoveMatch Tennis Assoc.

"I have spent a couple of days working with Gatherspace and I am truly impressed. It is really easy to use and I really like the reports we're starting to see."
-Brian Waltmore, Siemens

"Gatherspace allowed us to make it easier for our developers and our business analysts. And internally the service has really helped our project managers keep track of associating timelines with requirements."
-John Knadle, COSS

"I want to thank your team on a slick application. I just started using this for one of my projects and it looks like I will be using it for all of my future project."
-Srinivas Gupta, Analyst, Helio

"Great job on GatherSpace. While you have a manual, we never had to use it. Our Business Analysts started entering requirements and figured out everything within a few days."
-Mike Vertillo, Online Marketing Analyst, Careerscience

"GatherSpace has the perfect solution for a small team such as ours. We have developers working on the East Coast and India and we needed a solution for them to share requirements and use cases. This was a perfect choice."
-Percy Chen, Infospace Mobile

"Thank you very much GatherSpace! You have truly made life much easier. Especially for those of us whose divisions relies heavily on managing large tracks of features and changing requirements. Our use cases have been much easier to manage with your system. Thank you again GatherSpace for all that you and the customer support staff do for us."
-Asset Media Management

"I've just started to set-up my project and associated use cases and I'm already loving expected. Sometimes when we're building internal UI apps, we like to look at your UI as a model. I hope you don't mind! :)"
-Paul Odom, Senior Business Analyst

"A few months ago, Language Weaver started searching for a requirements management tool. Our search turned up several candidates. Unfortunately, while most of the tools appeared to be very capable, they were also very expensive. In addition, many of them seemed to require an enormous amount of administrative effort to setup and manage, which a small company like ours can ill afford. Then we found GatherSpace. Our team has found GatherSpace simple to setup and manage, while at the same time providing us with the features and capabilities we need to document our requirements in a straightforward manner. In addition, we have found the development team at GatherSpace extremely responsive and open to our requests and suggestions. Most of our feature requests have been turned around in less than two weeks."
-David McBride, Software Quality Assurance,

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