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Who Benefits from Gatherspace Requirements Management

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Business Analysts

Business Analysts are the primary user of the system. Typically a business analyst owns the documentation process of requirements. But where it really helps the business analyst is giving them the ability to collaborate with the project team and product meaningful requirements documents that constantly change as the project develops.

Project Managers

Project Managers benefit from in that it provides them not just an understanding of what projects they are managing, but the granularity of the projects based on where each requirement is in the workflow. It takes care of details, and helps to keep you and your project on track, making you look like the hero at the end of the day.

Software Developers

Now software developers can trace their software requirements upstream to the business requirements and have more of a real-time view of the requirements process as opposed to the normal static process that slows down the projects. It allows them to also collaborate not just with the managers, but also QA analysts which need to produce test plans from the software requirements.


Now you can play an active role in the systems life cycle and collaborate with the project managers and business analysts. It is very common for the customer to get "surprised" at the end of the project to discover what was delivered was not what they asked for. Using Gatherspace gives you real-time status of the business requirements and how they are being turned into the system. This will make it more likely to get the system that you asked for.

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