Gatherspace.com has built one of the industry’s first fully hosted on-demand web-based requirements management and project management solution that address the problems of project and project management failure for software development initiatives.

What is on-demand? Back in the late 90’s it was referred to as an Application Services Model (ASP). In a nutshell, customers enjoy using our comprehensive requirements management tool without the need for their own hardware, infrastructure, installations or maintenance. They can just log in and start working.

Gatherspace provides a pragmatic approach for organizations to capture, project manage, document and model Business, System & Test Requirements. Our site yields a 40% per project ROI involving minimal deployment time. 

Project Failure can occur in all facets of the software lifecycle in either new development or extensions/integrations to legacy systems. Project failure rates of 74% are still a reality according to the Standish Group. Gatherspace shortens the gaps eliminating wasted cycles between customer requirements and system delivery, dramatically reducing project risk and fulfilling stakeholders requirements.

The Gatherspace team also offers a variety of additional professional services including consulting for business systems analysis, project management, training and RUP implementation. Gatherspace is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.